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    Holidays have become a necessary factor in everyone’s life.  Everyone deserves a holiday to free themselves from the burden of their hectic and busy scheduled daily life.

    The working people need a break from the robotic work life and the workload: the house maker moms need to be relieved from the loads of stress and tensions they get everyday struggling to take care of the house and managing things to the best of their abilities. The children need to break free from the chains of books and studies and engage themselves in adventures which will open their mindset to grab and grasp things more actively. The old pillars of the house (Grannies) need to escape their monotonous and boring lifestyle and set foot outside to get livelier.

    Now comes the question:

    How to plan your vacation/ holidays to Nepal? It is very much essential to plan a holiday keeping these important factors in mind.

    • Type of vacation
    • Place of the Vacation
    • Budget

    These factors mainly determine how and where you spend your holidays and if it the entire package fits your budget.

    There are many exotic and beautiful places through the globe both cheap and expensive which can fulfill all the needs of a vacation. One such place is NEPAL!!!

    Before visiting NEPAL, let us gain some basic knowledge about this amazing nation.

    NEPAL for You :

    Located mainly in the HIMALAYAS, and covering some parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, Nepal is home to some of the highest and most challenging mountains in the world. Some of them are globally renowned and have become famous trek points. Nepal is divided into three geographic areas: the Terai, Pahad, and the Himal.

    Terai is a low land area covered by some hill ranges. Terai region boasts of mainly 3 rivers namely the Kosi, the Narayani and the Kamali. Some other rivers also contribute to these rivers below the snow line feeding their water to this hilly region.  The Terai region also consists of some broad low valleys called the inner Terai Valleys.

    Pahad is the snowless mountain region with subtropical climatic conditions. The lower Himalayan Range, limits this area from the southern side where as the northern side consists of subtropical river valleys and hills giving it a natural scenic view.

    Himal on the other hand is the embodiment of snow filled mountains situated in the Great Himalayan Range covering up the northern side of Nepal making it a great place for all kinds of snow activities.


    While in Nepal, you can experience 5 types of climatic conditions respective of the altitude you are in .

    • While in 1200 meters range, you will experience the tropical and the subtropical condition.
    • From 1200 to 2400 meters, you will experience the temperate zone.
    • From 2400 to 3600 meters, you will experience the cold as it’s the cold zone.
    • From 3600 to 4400 meters, you will experience a chill as it’s the subarctic zone.
    • From 4400 meters and above, it’s the arctic zone.
    • In spite of these climatic conditions, Nepal still experiences 5 seasons namely the summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring.

    Culture :

    It is really amazing to find how the locals here cling to their traditions. The Nepalese lead a traditional and simple lifestyle throughout.   The houses in the rural are still made out of mud with bamboo outframes. Folklore is an integral part of Nepali society.


    Nepalese Rupee is the national currency of the country. Making the use of this local currency while travelling in Nepal is the best option. It comes in notes of  5, 10, 20, 50,100, 500 and 1000. The Nepalese coins are also available in 1, 2 and 5 but is used very rarely. As Tourism is the main source of business here, you will find numerous Money Exchanges. So, you can easily exchange your currency into the local currency i.e.Nepalese Rupee.

    I hope now you have a general Idea about Nepal. Now moving on to our main objective,

    Why should you plan your holidays to Nepal?

    Trekking: Nepal Trekking, Trekking in Nepal, Trekking in Nepal Packages

    As I have already mentioned, that Nepal boasts of some of the highest and most challenging mountains in the world. Some of them are globally renowned and have become famous trek points.

    Let me name a few trek points here:

    Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Gosainkunda trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lake Trek, Upper Mustang Trek.

    These trekking in Nepal are extremely popular and people across the globe visit the country just to experience some crazy adventure by trekking these challenging circuits.

    Let me tell you about one of the most famous and frequent trek camp of Nepal.

    Everest Base Camp Trek:

    Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty Level

    Everest Base Camp Trekking is an exciting adventure where you get the thrill of trekking with the chance to experience the natural beauty and social experience of the local villages around high Khumbu valley.

    This holidays to Nepal package takes you to high valley of Khumbu exploring the neighbourhood Sherpa villages intertwined with Buddhism religion and age-old culture.

    It is really amazing as to see world’s most noteworthy peak with various flora and fauna, lodging in the deluxe lodges and resorts filled with the warm cordiality of local Sherpa (one of the eminent mountain clans of Nepal Himalaya)

    Beginning with clearing trip to arrive at one of a kind airstrip in Lukla, an intriguing town where the vast majority of the treks and experience around Everest starts and finishes. You start your walk towards beautiful Dudh Kosi River valley and chasm past a few pleasant villages decorated with religious images and landmarks. Passing through the Sagarmatha National Park, the trek advances from the river valley to the colourful village of Namche Bazar.

    This is the time where you acclimatize and enjoy the beauty of the Mt. Everest and other ranges, exploring the Sherpa culture at the same time. After exploring the culture admiring the beautiful scenery and overnight halts, you finally reach the Everest base camp.

    A beautiful spot with amazingly beautiful mountain views, this is where you enjoy the Khumbu Ice-Fall and glacier within giant peaks of Nuptse, Lola and Lhotse, and then climb up to the highest peak of Kalapathar.

    At Everest base camp appreciate the nearby perspectives on Khumbu Ice-Fall and icy mass inside monster pinnacles of Nuptse, Lola and Lhotse. Further, move to the most noteworthy spot on top Kalapathar at 5,545 m confronting colossal display of mountains with Everest and Pumori at closest separation.

    This is the end of the fabulous and overwhelmingly adventurous base camp trek as you fly back to Kathmandu again mesmerized by the amazing views through the helicopter.


    If you are not a trekking person and still want to experience the mountains and enjoy its scenic beauty, there are hiking services available where you can leisurely walk your way through the man made trails and roads and still enjoy the beautiful climate and views.

    There are many agencies in Nepal who can provide you the best Hiking services to cherish about.

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    Mountain Biking:

    Best Mountain Biking Trails in Nepal

    If you are a thrill loving person, then you will definitely love to experience the adventure of hitting the dirt roads in the Nepali valleys or mountains. Nothing beats the feeling of a pounding heart, the rattling sound of the dirt produced by the tyres of your bike and the amazing scenic view of the lush green fields and the mountains along the way. Yes! Mountain Biking is another thrilling adventure that Nepal has to offer to you.

    There are many agencies in Nepal where you can rent your bi-cycle for a day or more and make your day by riding through the muddy valleys covered with the lush green fields on its sides. As a matter of fact, Nepal hosts mountain biking championships every year and a lot of tourists participate in it.

    Rafting and Kayaking:

    If you are in search of more adventure apart from all the ground based adventures, don’t panic. This is not all Nepal has to offer for Adventure. There is River Rafting. Yes, you heard it right! Nepal is host to not only rafting but also Kayaking. If you are water loving person then this is sure a paradise for you as here, you will find a lot of places to fulfil your water adventure.

    Left in awe ! Well there is more than this for your Holidays to NEPAL


    Paragliding In pokhara

    Love to fly high in the sky! You can experience it right here in Nepal. This is one of the oldest sports of Nepal enjoyed by lots of tourists. Nepal can offer you an amazing experience of Paragliding because of its high mountains and low valleys. The feeling of the cold air on your face while swiftly gliding in the sky is something that cannot be defined by words.

    Bungee Jumping:

    Bungee jumping in Nepal Last Resort

    This is a call out to all the people with the heart of a lion and pumped up Adrenaline in their veins come and experience this jump above river canyon. Designed by one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants, the Tatopani Bungee Jumping camp has an amazing view with the cliff covered with dense forest and has become the breath taking and most thrilling sport of Nepal.

    Jungle Safari:

    Jungle Safari in Nepal

    Apart from all the adventures, there are other ways to hang out and enjoy holidays to Nepal. The Chitwan Jungle Safari is just what makes a family vacation in Nepal memorable and worth cherishing. It has been listed as one of the best parks in Asia.

    You can enjoy the exciting rides on jeep or on walk and look out for other wild animals on a safari trip. Not to mention the beautiful and exciting exotic birds that grab the attention of all age groups you get to enjoy a nice lodging.

    Pilgrimage Tour :

    Nepal tour | Tour in Nepal | Nepal Tours- Eco Holidays Nepal

    Nepal is a place filled with activities and sports yet it is a land that is clinged to its culture. The people here are religious and devotional. The people here do not differentiate in God. The presence of Hindus and Buddhist temples and the fact that they are worshipped with equal importance by all Nepali people is something to learn from and cherish at the same time. It is also one of the rare countries in the World where we see religious harmony and especially among the Hindus and Buddhists people. Once you are here, you get the opportunity to witness these things with your own naked eyes.

    Since Nepal is also famous for a pilgrimage tour, it has got varieties of taste regarding the holy places. The Pashupatinath temple, the Janaki temple and Muktinath temple are some of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites. Similarly, the Boudhanath Stupa, the Swayambhunath Stupa and Lumbini are some of the most renowned Buddhists pilgrimage site in Nepal.

    Historical Tour:

    Lumbini Tour in Nepal

    Nepal is rich not only in natural resources but also equally in cultural resources as well. And, if we talk about the cultural diversity, then the history of the country acts as the mother who gave birth to various cultures and traditions.

    Nepal has got a very long history. Could you guess how long it is? Yeah… it holds approx..3000 years old history. You will find some places inside Kathmandu valley and outside the valley as well which are widely renowned for historical buildings with their stories. So, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are some sites inside the valley which reflects the Medieval history of Nepal. Similarly, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is also one of the famous historical as well as pilgrimage place which perfectly displays the proof regarding the birth of Lord Buddha in BCE’s(approx..623 BCE).

    Holidays to Nepal Packages:

    It does not matter whether you are on a holiday with your family; friends or you are on your own.  Nepal has all the requirements for different kinds of vacations.

    There are many agencies out there in Nepal who offer different holidays to Nepal packages to tourists which covers and meets all the requirements needed to make your holiday an experience in its own and the one holiday you can never forget.

    These holidays to Nepal packages are carefully assessed, planned and divided into the type of holiday and span of stay. The services are then planned accordingly so that every tourist who comes here is filled with awe and utmost satisfaction.

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    Why book your Nepal Holiday with us?

    As Nepal is highly dependent on the Tourism industry, the number of Travel Agencies might be beyond your expectations. Also, choosing the best company for your holidays to Nepal is a kind of hard job for foreigners. But Eco Holidays Nepal is one of the great competitor among the best Travel Agencies in Nepal due to its unique features. Safety-oriented, Flexible costing, Tailor-made trips and Clients satisfaction are some of them which make this agency unique as compared to other local operators.


    With the change in time, Nepal is growing rapidly and in spite of all the ups and downs and natural calamities, Nepal makes sure that its tourists have a great time while their stay and take home an unforgettable tale to tell their Friends!

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