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    Manaslu Circuit Trek in October thumbnailManaslu Circuit Trek is generally a new and famous trekking route in Nepal. And despite the fact this trek was closed to trekkers until the '90s, the trek is now popular and is ideal for undertaking any time of the year. Still, nothing compares with the trek in October month.

    Manaslu Circuit trek during October month has a lot of things to offer, including the traditional experience. The trek will be one of a kind, with kind locals, hospitality, magnificent scenery, and Old cultures to experience. Trekkers will see the mountains above 7,500 m and the rare animals and flora.

    No brainer, Manalsu circuit trek is one of the best treks after Everst base camp. There are very some treks like Manalsu which are so much fulfilling. Thus now we understand why there is so much craze about the trek among the trekkers. It's not as crowded as Annapurna Circuit and is a stunning trek with fewer trodden trails en route.

    Of all the months, October (one of the autumn seasons) is the busiest and most famous month to trek. And yes, this month is when almost all trekkers are impressed by its best weather and trail conditions.

    But how would the Manaslu circuit trek in October be? To give you a rough figure, the Manaslu region undergoes an amazing weather phase characterized by snow-clad peaks, Blue skies, bright mornings, mild temperatures, and vibrant vegetation. You can have all these features during your Manaslu Circuit trek in October.

    Still, there are many things you must learn about the Manaslu Circuit trek in October, and plan your trek accordingly. Therefore read the article below to the end and learn about the October trek.

    Why Trek the Manaslu Circuit in October?

    Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

    The highlands of the Manaslu region falls among the world’s best trekking destinations and can compete with famous treks like EBC or ABC. The stunning mountain peaks and vegetation are lovely throughout the year.

    As we said earlier, the Manaslu circuit trek is generally trekkable throughout the year, but unfortunately, the winter trek to Manaslu is almost impossible. Likewise, the trek will be difficult to complete during the starting months of spring too. However, October trekking to Manaslu Circuit has its benefits, described as follows.

    Proper Accommodations while Trekking

    October month is a great time to go trekking in Nepal. Therefore many tourists from all over the world stay at the tea houses, which blooms the teahouses business here. This Manaslu circuit trek is also a tea house trek so that we will find many tea houses with better facilities en route, especially in the lower region of Manalsu.

    This does not mean booking a tea house accommodation will be easy as it's still the busiest time of the year for trekking. Thus you may have to book your teahouse accommodation way ahead of time for the Manaslu Circuit trek in October.

    Perfect Climate

    The best thing while embarking on a Manaslu circuit trek in October month is its climate conditions, which are pleasant and stable. This means you will not have to worry about bad weather or similar conditions while trekking under the clear skies along the Manaslu Circuit trail.

    Also, the night of October won't be like a monsoon or winter one, so the region will have almost no rainfall with bearable temperatures. So far, with favorable temperatures (not too freezing), you can complete the trek without wearing too many thick clothes and rain gear. Still, it's better to have proper gears that protect you from cold and rain, as the mountains' climate is generally unstable and can't be predicted.

    With October being the perfect month to trek to the mountains, the Manaslu trek region will experience significantly less chance of rainfall and snowfall. Therefore you can cross the difficult path of Larke La as it will be less slippery and more tolerable temperature while trekking.

    Main Nepali Festivals

    Nepal is rich in culture, with different festivals celebrated each month. This means no matter your trekking time; you will still experience the Nepali festival. Still, the Manaslu circuit trek in October has some unique and main festivals for you to enjoy, like Dashain and Tihar.

    This is the festival time of the year when you immerse in the joy along with the whole country, where families come together to generate this festival and have a good time.

    While celebrating these festivals in October, everyone across the country shares love, happiness, and blessings, further brightening the trekking atmosphere in the Manaslu region. And because you are unintentionally part of these main festivals, you can sense the lively atmosphere here.

    With the Manaslu circuit trek comes the various festivals with Nepali cuisines deeply rooted in Nepali culture and tradition, which you can learn and taste.

    Understanding Weather and Temperature Conditions

    Hire Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide

    Both the temperature and weather during the Manalsu curious trek in October are favorable, and perhaps this is why almost all trekkers prefer October over other months of trekking. However, this does not mean the weather and temperature will be at their best every single day. There will be some days while trekking when trekkers must be aware that the climate around the mountain region is generally unstable no matter the month. Still, compared with other months—October sees less unfavorable weather.

    The climate and weather type that the whole Manalsu region will experience will be relatively stable, accompanied by the clear visibility of the tall peaks and less cloudy skies.

    October month also falls under the least humid month. Simply say there will be fewer clouds and rainfall covering the peak and hills, which increases your chances of witnessing tall mountains during your Manaslu Circuit trek in October. And with less chance of rainfall and snowfall, not worrying about the drastic change in the weather condition is another bonus here.

    The temperature in October for trekkers will be very, very tolerable ( not too hot or cold). Moreover, you will feel up the heat while trekking in the lower region for the starting days of your trek, but the night will still be colder here.

    The temperature starts to get lower as you hike higher, but the days along the trail will still warn where you are likely to sweat while walking. Similarly, before sunrise, both morning and night are cold, so you better be prepared with the thick clothes you have. With this in mind, the temperature might average between 13°c-25°c during your Manaslu trek in October.

    In addition, the average temperature in the upper parts (4,000m above sea level) of Manaslu may loom around 15°c or 16°c in the daytime and can average around -1° at night. However, the temperature may drop below -2°c after you cross the elevation of 4,000m.

    Limitation of Manaslu Circuit trek in October

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather

    We already have mentioned the suitability of Manaslu Circuit trekking in October. Still, with every trekking journey comes the difficulties that travelers may face, which are barely life-threatening but can be mitigated cautiously. These are some difficulties that the Manaslu Circuit trek in October brings with it.

    Accommodation issues

    The Manaslu Circuit trek is a remote trek, which means there will not be many teahouses available like in the Everest region, especially in the upper areas of the Manalsu. But as we know, October is the best but busiest month of all, and due to the large influx of trekkers in this month, the tea houses thar are available in the region will frequently be full. And since these available teahouses in the region come with limited room and amenities, trekkers may, in some situations, have to share a room with other travelers. Therefore booking a room in advance is a good idea here.

    Crowds and cost

    The peak trekking season for almost all treks of the Manaslu region is October, so it's common to expect a cost hike due to the crowds. Manaslu Circuit treks rank among the most popular treks in Nepal, so it's unlikely that trekkers will have the trails during the Manlsu Circuit trek in October to themselves.

    Moreover, the teahouse available tends to fill up quickly, so hire the service of a guide who will help you to book your slots in the teahouses.

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    Altitude sickness

    The Manaslu Circuit trek in October takes you to the highest elevation point. You start your trek from Kathmandu at 1,440 meters and ascend to a higher elevation area Larkya La at 5,213 meters (17,103 feet). As a result of the ascend, you may experience altitude sickness, which is common while trekking in high-elevation areas.

    There is no specific time or month of altitude sickness, so you'll likely experience it even while you trek in October. Therefore, take a proper acclimatization day and take advantage of your acclimatization hike. Otherwise, you will be at high risk of developing AMS during your Manaslu Circuit trek in October.

    Difficulty in the trekking route

    Manaslu Circuit Trek is remote, meaning many routes will be notorious for their dangers. It makes Manaslu Circuit trekking difficult to complete at certain times. But October almost does not experience snowfall and rainfall, minimizing the danger of landslides and snowstorms.

    Despite the favorable routes and temperature while trekking, treks may still feel discomfort as the route is usually crowded. This sheer volume of making a Manaslu Circuit trek in October can be non-enjoyable and discomforting for some travelers.

    Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit

    Trekking in the mountain region will be difficult no matter the best month you choose. And Manaslu Circuit trek in October will also be demanding as you have to pass one of the high passes called Larke La above 5000m en route. Therefore you must be careful during your trek, and some tips about the Manaslu Circuit trek in October to mitigate your difficulties are as follows.

    Choose good trekking agencies

    Trekking solo is banned in Nepal, which makes a guide mandatory for your trek. And best-experienced guides are usually found with the trekking agencies who deliver an enjoyable and comfortable adventure during your Manaslu Circuit trek in October.

    Trekking agencies offer an affordable price range to begin your trek with and handle all the hassles of planning, like accommodations, permits, food, transportation, etc. They too, ensure your safety and take special care of you in case of any discomfort during your trek. In addition, they are experienced in providing good options matching your interests and preferences.

    Make reservations in advance.

    As mentioned earlier, October is the busiest month for Manaslu trekking. Most Manalsu trails are overcrowded as almost all trekkers wait for October to complete their Manaslu Circuit trek. Accommodation options are limited and costly due to cross on the trails. Book the reservation in advance to avoid paying higher prices and secure an early spot at the tea houses.

    Be cautious and Plan for the Discomforts you may experience

    The Manaslu Circuit trek is a high-altitude trek. So naturally, you need to be cautious about the possible discomfort almost every trekker faces, i.e., Altitude sickness.

    Generally, altitude sicknesses are seen among those trekkers who try to rush. To prevent altitude sickness, do not dehydrate yourself and drink at least 3 liters of water daily. Likewise, being hydrated also circulates more oxygen in the body. If you still experience the symptoms, talk to your trekking guide about your discomforts.

    Essential gear and equipment

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

    Yes, the Manaslu Circuit trek in October is the perfect season for hikers. However, trekkers must carry some basic and necessary gear and equipment to complete their Manaslu Circuit trek in October without much hassle.

    October is the 2nd month of the autumn season in Nepal and has the best features like dry and mild weather and great temperatures, which are perfect for trekking all over Nepal. Still, the temperature tends to vary when you move forward in the high-elevation area of the Manaslu region.

    With temperature varies comes the weather that sometimes becomes too cold and rainy. Therefore some essential gear and equipment to consider for your Manaslu trek in October are as follows.

    • Hiking shirt
    • Sport bras
    • Thermal underwear
    • Merino wool socks
    • Beanie
    • Gloves
    • Cap/hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Fleece
    • Trekking pants
    • Rain poncho
    • Hiking boots/shoes- with good grip and waterproof
    • Travel Backpack
    • Buff
    • Gaiters – Shoe Covers
    • Microfibre towels
    • Hand sterilizer
    • Trail Map/Guide
    • Sun Hat
    • Nail clippers
    • Deodorants
    • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
    • Body and face moisturizer
    • Small mirror
    • Multipurpose soap
    • Water purification tablet or liquid
    • Binoculars
    • First-aid kit
    • Sleeping bag
    • Trekking poles

    Obtaining Permits and Documentation For Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

    Obtaining Permits and Documentation For Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

    You need three permits in total for your Manaslu Circuit trek in October.

    Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP)-

    These permit for the Manaslu trek must be obtained from Jagat and covers up to the area of Sama Gaun (the last check for the permit). Similarly, the cost of the RAP generally depends upon the number of days you spend between the villages of Jagat and Dharapani.

    • RAP in October costs USD 100 p/p for the first seven days in Manalsu and an extra USD 15 p/p after your 8th day.

    Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit)

    ACAP permits are required from Dharapani until you exit Beshi Sahar. The cost for the ACAP permits for travelers are as follows-


    • USD 30 per person with no change in price even if you decide to spend additional days Inside ACAP.

    Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP Permit)

    MCAP permits are required to transverse the conservation area from Philim. The cost that must be paid to obtain the permit is-


    • USD 30 per person with no change in price.

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    Overall, the Manaslu Circuit trek in October is a must during your visit to Nepal. The October month in the Manaslu region has features like clear visibility, moderate temperatures, and stable weather patterns, which help complete the trek without much hassle. And it offers the best gateway one could ever experience from its cultural richness through the festival celebrated here.

    So why not consider the Manaslu trek in October? If you look forwards to booking trips like the Manaslu Circuit trek in October or any other preferred month, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you originate the whole trek in October, making your trek in October or another month that is more comfortable and enjoyable.

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